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Hello there.

I am a girl with a commitment problem. No, I don’t mean guys or jobs or anything like that. I mean blogs. I’ve had a few over the years but I’ve gotten frustrated or bored with them but I felt boxed in trying to stick to a specific theme. I felt like I couldn’t talk about everything I wanted to talk about because if it didn’t fit my theme people might get bored or annoyed. But you know what? I don’t care. This blog is for me to talk about whatever I want to talk about.

Generally what you’ll find me talking about are things like health and fitness, what I’m cooking or baking, crafts or gifts I’m making, clothes or products I like (or don’t like), and whatever work projects I happen to be doing at the moment.

If there’s something you want to talk about let me know. I tend to be chatty in my every day life so I feel like my blog shouldn’t be any different. Sometimes I might even make a post without pictures! But probably not very often.


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