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Why I Quit Using Shampoo

July 10, 2012

That’s right friends, as of today I am planning to go shampoo free. I have a few reasons for this, such as being super picky about my hair, having allergies to everything under the sun, and wanting to live a cleaner life. Also it’s really cheap and I am a poor person.

I’ve been researching the heck out of going shampoo free and it’s going to be slightly more challenging because I live in an area/state/region with hard water but I’m up for the challenge. Most of the blogs I’ve read about it seem to be from people who live in areas with soft water and had no issues and make it out to be incredibly easy and hassle free.

Before we go any further I should warn you this is going to be a pretty photo heavy post because I’m talking about my favorite subject: me. And my second favorite subject: my hair.

I was born a red head but when I was about 2 I think it all fell out and grew back in blonde. I was a towhead until I reached puberty when my hair turned a little darker to what people delightfully call dishwater blonde. Disgusting. I started getting highlights in high school to keep my hair lighter than old gross water and in college I experimented with darker browns, reds, and even black.

Don’t do it. Don’t even think about it.

The black was supposed to be wash out but it didn’t and I ended up stripping my hair twice, dying it, and eventually chopping it off into a pixie cut which I kept except for a brief stint trying to grow it out while I dated a jerk who wanted me to, until I shaved my head about a year and a half ago.




After. Michael shaved his too.

We shaved for a charity called St. Baldrick’s which you can research more if you want to. Participants raise money for childhood cancer research and then shave their heads in solidarity with kids who lose their hair during treatment. I suggest everyone shave their heads once in their life. It’s incredibly liberating and has eliminated most fears I have about “bad hair days.”

Anyway, after shaving I figured it was time to put down the hair dye, pack up the heat styling tools, bring out the gentle cleansers and let my hair be as healthy and wonderful as possible. I started out using Mega Tek which they use to help horses regrow hair if they get bald patches but it’s actually the same thing as Ovation Cell Therapy and a lot cheaper. Still not cheap though. I read all about it before I started using it and a lot of people said it dried their hair out. I never had that issue. All I used to cleanse my hair for probably 9-12 months was Mega Tek.

3 months after.

6 months after

9 months after.

I don’t remember when exactly but at some point I decided I couldn’t hack the price of the Mega Tek anymore and went on a hunt to find something cheaper. I liked the way Mega Tek cleaned my hair (no foam, etc) and I turned to one of my favorite beauty communities to find out if anyone knew about something similar, but cheaper. My eyes were opened to the world of cleansing conditioners like Wen and someone suggested Hair One which is a knock off you can get at Sally’s.

I used Hair One for a few months until I read the book No More Dirty Looks and vowed to start cleaning up my act regarding my cosmetics. I wanted to start with hair cleanser since I was out of Hair One and purchased the Avalon Organics Biotin shampoo and conditioner from Whole Foods.

1 year after.

I’ve been using it since and I can’t say that I love it. First of all, it stinks. I think it’s supposed to be herbally but it really just smells gross. Second, it’s incredibly hard to disperse in my hair. Sometimes I have to use a ton of it and then my hair feels overly clean. It’s really hard to get the right balance.

1 year and 3 months after.

So I’ve decided to go shampoo free for awhile. Part of the point of shaving my head, other than to do something charitable, was to help me rid my dependence on products. I’m an incredibly greasy person. Way back in the day aka high school and most of college I was good at the wash one day, pony tail the next day, repeat process until I cut my hair into a short bob and without the ponytail option I had to wash it every day. Even when I was only using Mega Tek I was using it every day. Shaving my head only increased my need to find the right product to clean my hair and help it grow healthy and strong. Now I’m going to try the opposite and use no products at all.

This is a very long blog so I will write another separate one about what I plan to do as far as cleaning my hair, etc.

  • Have you ever gone shampoo free? How long did you last or are you still free of the ‘poo?
  • Have you ever shaved your head? If not you should go do it right now. Your self confidence will soar, I promise.
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